Dreams And Wishes

You know what?Dreams and Wishes are true or not?They make jealous, they make me sad, they take me round the world.They make me happy time by time,They make me angry side by side.They can show you anything.You can see them anytime,You can even dance or sing,Now start dreaming and wishing. I know this is funny as I wrote this poem when I was 7, or … Continue reading Dreams And Wishes

Love Yourself, Speak Yourself

Hello!I’m going to express my views on the topic Love Yourself, Speak Yourself. This topic is something I really want to spread awareness about because there are many people in this world who do not know about the importance of their existence. I myself did not love myself before and I used to everytime blame myself even if it wasn’t my fault and I always … Continue reading Love Yourself, Speak Yourself


Spending some time watching Harry Potter has always been my favourite thing to do. But there are some characters, which, I think, weren’t shown as significantly as they were in the books. Here’s a small write-up about the female characters which I think were underrated in the movies. Nymphadora Tonks 💛I think she is a very precious and awesome character. The quality which makes me … Continue reading FEMALES OF HARRY POTTER

I WISH I COULD (Short Story)

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess, Angelina. She had wisdom and knowledge and was kind-hearted. From the time she was a child she wanted to fulfill all her dreams and wishes. She was the only daughter of the King and Queen of the kingdom of Atrolan.One day on a pleasant morning, Angelina was sitting in a library and reading a book called … Continue reading I WISH I COULD (Short Story)


The cellar opened. It gave way to a beautiful garden. She stepped in but the floor of the cellar repelled it. She stepped back, the doors got closed by itself. Hailey tried hard but couldn’t open it again.A Few Months LaterThe Walters were excited to shift to their new homes. The family was excited to meet the previous owners, Victor and Stella Evanor and their … Continue reading THE ENCHANTING CELLAR (Short Story)