Blogger Interview Series #1 – With Poorwa.

First things first, Thank-you so much, Poorwa. I’m really grateful for your time. It was a good interview and I was totally amazed by your answers. Thanks for joining. You can check out Poorwa’s Blog by the link provided below the interview.

1) Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Hey! Thank you so much for having me!
My name is Poorwa Vishwakarma. I’m a student currently studying in 11th grade. I love to listen to music all the time and also to know and learn new things. I started Poorwa’s blog in lockdown to share my thoughts freely with the world and because of the lovely community I got here, blogging became my passion. My blog is basically a lifestyle blog in which I share about anything I like, my blog posts are related to life, music, positivity, tips, poems, motivational quotes, lyrics and many other things. I hope you’ll like reading my content!

2) You’re in senior class, so how do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

(Just realized that I’m really in senior class.. wow😍) Yes, sometimes it gets hard to manage blogging with studies but you know, just like I get time to do other things I like, I get enough time for blogging too. You just have to be honest with yourself and focus on one thing at one time. I don’t check out my blog notifications when I’m studying and when I’m working on my blog I don’t think about studying. I think that’s how I manage them both😊. You might like this post of mine: How to manage your blog with studies

3) There are a lot of interesting poems, motivational quotes and lyrics in your blog. You also post about what is going on in your life. In short, you basically post about everything in your blog. What do you think is the most challenging part of choosing what to post?

Yeah that’s true! I think the most challenging part is… when I don’t know if my readers would like what I’m writing or not. Well it doesn’t happen a lot with me but it’s challenging when I have nothing in mind and I’m searching for new post ideas. But most of the times I end up publishing that post and hoping that my readers will like it and thankfully they do. I always try to keep this thing in mind that your readers like you the way you are, so don’t tense yourself😊!

4) What has been the most successful post in your blog? Do you think it was appealing enough?

If I go through the views, the most successful post in my blog is The Sunshine Blogger Award #3|#Peer Pressure (1,2)|Mystery Blogger Award #4 #5, which was an award post and I also did a tag, basically I answered lots of questions and it was really fun doing that post. Then if I go through the likes, the most liked post on my blog is I need to tell you something, in that post I announced my hiatus from which I just came back. Honestly I never imagined that the hiatus announcement post would be the most liked one on my blog but somehow it did a fantastic job (sending lots of love to my readers❤) and I had hopes with the most viewed one because that post was related to many things and tags also worked very well, then I had linked to many blogger friends in that post so… yes I think it was!

5) What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

I spend 4-5 hours at my school, then my final exams are very near so I study. I listen to music almost every time, then internet surfing and relaxing in my garden doing nothing🌸!

6) I know you’re a huge BTS fan. Please tell the readers about other music artists you like to listen to.

How did you know? (Did I ever talk about BTS in my blog🤔?) Just kidding, I know all of my readers know how much I love BTS😁. Oh of course! Except BTS my top three favorite artists are: Selena Gomez, Little Mix and Taylor Swift. And in Hindi songs I love Old Hindi songs very much. Then I listen to many more other artists too but if I start to make a list here it would be too long, so I’m working on a post on my blog, let me share the title with you… “The music chapter of my life”, in which I’ll share my music interests, artists I listen to and why etc. etc. It’s a ‘Coming soon’ post on my blog😉

7) Who is your role model and why?

Poorwa Vishwakarma😆! Okay I think we all should treat ourselves like our role model and that’s what I do. “Love Yourself” is the quote of my life and I want everyone to love themselves more and more. It’s awesome to follow, idolize and love someone but I think we should love ourselves first. So yes, I myself am my role model!

Thank you so much Saumya for having me on your blog. I really had fun answering your questions!

Please take a minute to check-out Poorwa’s Blog!

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Thanks for reading my first ever BLOGGER INTERVIEW SERIES post! More interviews coming up this week! Follow my blog to get latest updates!

38 thoughts on “Blogger Interview Series #1 – With Poorwa.

      1. Uhh, the playlists are not public…so I have put my BTS playlist on the side bar of my blog. I will check it out! Thanks 😀

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  1. Wow! Looks like you did an interview with all the great bloggers! I also wanna do it, but I don’t use mail to talk to people on WordPress!

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      1. Nope! I don’t have a contact page! I mean, it doesn’t really matter if I want to do it or not. I mean you are the interviewer!

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      2. I would love to the interview with you but the thing is what I do is that I send you questions through email then you reply with the answers. I want to do it with you but since you don’t use email then i don’t know what to do 😦

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