Songs Every Woman/Girl Should Listen To

Hey there!
So after reading this post, you know I hate it when people are judged by their gender. And you also know how much I love music (especially the ones with good lyrics).
So for today, I’m going to share some songs which spread the message of female empowerment and make me feel proud of being a girl. Most of the songs are bit attitude-ish. But c’mon, if the society holds the power to dominate us, we also hold the power to back answer them
I have provided the Spotify links for the songs. So don’t forget to check them out.

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1) Sweet But Psycho – Ava Max

‘Cause she’s sweet but a psycho,

A little bit psycho,

At night she screaming, I’mma-ma-ma-ma
Outta my mind

Sweet But Psycho (Ava Max)

2) Who Says – Selena Gomez and The Scene

But who are you to judge

When you’re a diamond in the rough

I’m sure you got some things

You’d like to change about yourself

But when it comes to me

I wouldn’t want to be anybody else

Who Saya (Selena Gomez and The Scene)

3) God Is A Woman – Ariana Grande

And I can be all the things you told me not to be

When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing

And he see the universe when I’m the company

It’s all in me

God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande)

4) Girls Can’t Be Herself – Alicia Keys

Who says I must conceal what I’m made of?

Maybe all this Maybelline is covering my self-esteem

Whose job is it to straighten out my curves

I’m so tired of that image, that’s my word

Girls Can’t Be Herself (Alicia Keys)

5) Tomboy – Destiny Rogers

I’ll meet you up on any level,

Independent, don’t need help,

Underestimate me, you’ll be playing yourself.

Tomboy (Destiny Rogers)

6) Kings And Queens – Ava Max

Once I start breathin’ fire you can’t tame me,

You might think I’m weak without a sword,

But if I had one it’d be bigger than yours.

Kings and Queens (Ava Max)

7) Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa

No matter what you do I’m gonna get it without ya,

I know you ain’t used to a female alpha.

Future Nostalgia (Dua Lipa)

8) Princesses Don’t Cry – CARYS

Cause a princess doesn’t cry (no)

A princess doesn’t cry (no-o)

Over monsters in the night

Don’t waste our precious time

On boys with pretty eyes

Princesses Don’t Cry (CARYS)

9) When A Girl – CARYS

Now I’m done with holding back

I’ve had enough

I am not what you want

I am little and much

When a girl is good, she’s always good enough

When A Girl (CARYS)

Thanks for reading. Do let me know in the comments if you know another song which spreads female empowerment. If you enjoyed the post, like and follow my blog. Also follow me on Pinterest.

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