Blogger Interview Series #11 – With Kamsi

Thank-you so much, Kamsi for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and joining me for this interview. Please take a minute to read wonderful stories written by Kamsi on her blog here.

1) Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

My name is Kamsi, I am from Nigeria. I am seventeen years old and I recently graduated from secondary school. I love writing, reading and watching movies.
My blog is about flash fiction and short stories. I started it so I could improve my writing skills and hopefully one day I’ll be a professional writer.

2) Do you follow any schedule for blogging?

Not really, I just try to blog as often as possible.

3) What is one thing you like about blogging and one thing you dislike about it?

I love that I have the opportunity to share my stories and that people read my stories and give me feedback. Blogging is fun if you’re committed, I don’t think I dislike anything.

4) What is your favourite food?

Jollof rice and salad

5) How do you decide on the main plot of the stories that you write?

Well, I just decide that I want it to be thrilling and have a twist at the end, I love unexpected endings.

6) Do you have anything like a lucky charm or an experience which makes you believe in lucky charms?

No, I don’t have a lucky charm and I don’t believe in it.

7) What annoys you the most?

About writing, it’s that voice inside my head that tells me what I have written is not good enough. But I try not to be discouraged.

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