I Got Interviewed Twice!

This week, I got interviewed twice. I want to thank both Pooja from Lifesfinewhine and Riddhi from Whispering Stories for doing this with me. You know how much I love interviewing and I absolutely had fun getting interviewed as well. They both are amazing and so are their blogs. The questions were very interesting and I enjoyed very much.

Hey everyone! So, this is the last blogger interview, and I must admit, though it was tiring it was fun! So, I just wanted to ask that if I ever do this again, would y’all be interested? I mean all those people who haven’t interviewed…. or maybe I could ask different questions…. but anyway, do […]

Blogger Interview with Saumya!

I want to thank Saumya for being part of this interview- she is wonderful and so is her blog so definitely do take a minute to check it out. As always her blog will be linked below. […]

Blogger Interview with Saumya

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