My Blogging Essentials I Cannot Live Without – From Maya

Hey there
Today I have the very sweet Maya from Maya’s Life And Travels telling us about her Blogging Essentials. Don’t forget to check out her amazing blog here.
Thank-you so much, Maya for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and doing this guest post on my blog. I’m truly grateful!
We all have our own style and requirements. Do let me know in the comment section about your blogging essentials!

Blogging is such an amazing hobby because you can share your work with the world but there are so many essentials I need to blog. I can’t write a blog post without these things. I started my blog in December 2020 and without blogging essentials my blog would be in ruins. Lots of people start blogs and build their sites, that’s great! But wait, there are essentials that we need for blogging. In today’s post I share my blogging essentials that I can’t live without.


I cannot blog without my laptop. I just don’t understand how some bloggers blog via the WordPress mobile app, because I can’t. I use the WordPress App to check notifications and reply to comments and sometimes just tweak little errors I spot on my blog posts or simply publish finished posts in my drafts but I just can’t use it to write blog posts. I tried writing a blog post on my phone and the post came out horrible so I deleted it. If you have tried that before, you know what I mean. Never in a million years it will be same. On a laptop you can access blocks like adding a feedback form or adding your latest Instagram posts but you cannot do that on a phone. You can access plugins on a laptop. Without my laptop, I don’t how my blog will look.


I cannot blog without Canva! I use Canva to create graphics for my blog. Canva is an amazing tool for blogging because you can create logos, Instagram stories and other amazing things. Before I created my blog, I had a Canva account for personal use for social media stories and other stuff like that and I can’t live without it. Many bloggers use Canva for their blogs and I am sure it’s the same with them.


I take some of my own photos for my travel side of my blog but most of the time I use stock images. WordPress gives the option to use free stock images from Pexels but there are millions of stock image sites that you can use. I use Unsplash for stock images and I can proudly say that Unsplash is an amazing site to use! Stock images are great for featured images.

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45 thoughts on “My Blogging Essentials I Cannot Live Without – From Maya

  1. I COMPLETELY understand about the laptop thing! I don’t understand how ANYBODY could use the mobile app to do everything you have to do on a blog!!! I find it just all round kinda hard to type on my tablet, because it doesn’t always listen to me when I type out a post, and on the computer, you can open up more tabs, listen to something while blogging, and more! But if you use the mobile app, it’s just a whole lot harder! ewioeoiwfnoweiowen
    Sorry about this ranty comment. 😂

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    1. I can’t understand too!! That’s really true!! The mobile app is sooo hard I was editing one of my posts one because I forgot to link it to something on my phone and it messed up my whole feedback form and created 10 contact forms on the post it happens every time when I try to edit on my phone for little mistakes I just spotted. It’s ok don’t worry 😂 😉

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      1. Ooh okay! Canva has a design template for websites I know how to make it but I don’t know how to get it onto wordpress because it only lets you view designs via a canva design website have you got any tips?

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      2. Oh no, I didn’t make the theme through Canva. I thought you were asking about the profile picture. The themes is from WordPress only. Sorry I misunderstood 😅

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