Doodles Collaboration With Yuvi!

Hey there
I’m joined by the one and only Yuvi from The Art Warlock and we’re doing such a fun challenge today! Don’t forget to check out the tiher part of the post, it’s linked below the post.

So yes, we’re gonna do a Doodle Collaboration! Sounds fun right? And you won’t believe I had so much fun in doing this collaboration. Yuvi is such an artistic person and I’m thrilled to post this. Doodling is something that has always fascinated me but I never did it as such. I have done it, but not as doodling, like just drawing some small stuff on cards and others. It’s so relaxing and most importantly doodles are so CUTE! They all turn out so adorable and neat after we outline and colour them. I got so inspired by Yuvi that I also did so many other doodles other than the collaboration one. Though I am not going to show them all, maybe some other time. I think if you want to make right with someone you should make a card and definitely include some cute and pretty doodles. They truly will brighten their day.

About the collab, you must be thinking how we did it. What we did was that we sent Prompts to each other that were Favourite Food/Things/Flowers/Others and we to choose between them and then we decided upon a date that is today to post it. I chose Food and Yuvi chose Flowers.

Look at my Favourite Food Doodles:

Just look at these little doodles, they are so so so cute and beautiful! I thought of colouring it but it thought I might ruin it so I didn’t. My Favourite Food – Pizza, Ice-cream, Coffee and Donuts!

Pizza - Who doesn't love Pizza? Out of 10 I'm sure there are only 0.5 people who don't like pizza. I mean c'mon, it's a must to have in your favourite list.
Ice-cream - I love chocolate flavoured ice-cream. Whether it's a cone, a bar or a swirl. I love all kinds of ice-cream but it should je chocolate, well vanilla may also work. But chocolate is my top priority.
Coffee - I don't drink normal coffee actually. My mom mixes up a bit of Bournvita or chocolate powder in that and it looks amazing. It always make me think more and that is where I get ideas from.
Donuts - Dunkin Donuts, the best! I also made donuts with my mom twice and they turned out so well. I love eating them!

As I said a million times before, I loved this doing this collaboration! Thanks so much, Yuvi for doing this with me. I had so much fun! You should definitely see her amazing work here.

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I also wanted to tell one thing that May onwards, I will only post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

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16 thoughts on “Doodles Collaboration With Yuvi!

      1. I had a teacher in high school who would have agreed with you. I think she graded the doodles that covered my work book more than she did the actual work. She was a really cool individual who encouraged others to be individuals ourselves and not cookie cutter students.

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