Seven Word Stories #9

See the wounds burried inside her heart.

Thank you so much for 300 followers! I love you guys so much, thanks for the support, the love, encouragement, thank you for everything! I’m really sorry I haven’t planned anything special for 300 followers. This is because I wanted to post original stuff with you guys because April was mostly only collabs and interviews. My summer vacations have started so I also had to cover up with studies I missed when I was unwell plus the holiday assignments. I’m very sure you’ll like reading those posts. They are about my likes, dislikes, things I have been doing and also some poetry. I wrote so many poems, big and small but I’d didn’t get the chance to share it with you all. So an apology and a gratitude from my side! I promise we’ll do something together when I hit 400 so make it fast!

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