3 Brilliant Ways To Stick To A Blogging Schedule

Having a blogging schedule is one of the first and most important things to do when you begin blogging. I put alot of my initial blog growth down to maintaining a solid blogging schedule and sticking to it religiously. Alot of bloggers fail to put it into place, and it can often lead to sporadic posting or not even posting at all. Which is not good when you are trying to grow a new blog. I always tell my readers about the importance of having a blogging schedule in place.

To give a bit of a back story, I first came into blogging in 2015 as a beauty blogger. I had no schedule and posted whenever i wanted, any time of day or night and did that for a whole year. My blog barely grew and my views and interactions were low. I started blogging again last year and completely re-branded my blog and created that solid blogging schedule. Initially I posted 5-7 times a week and kept to this schedule for months. The difference this time round is not only the consistency, but also the fact that my content was constantly being pushed out. Doing this meant that I was giving people a chance to discover my blog from posting regularly.

I am so happy and excited to be on Saumya’s blog today! I hope you find these tips helpful, and hope to see you on my blog to read the post Saumya wrote for me all about how its okay to show your true emotions!


One of the first things (and most obvious things) is creating a set plan that you know you can stick to. Don’t create a plan and set yourself up for failure. If you think that you won’t stick to the plan you’ve created, then change it. Make your schedule fit around you, and make it so that its achievable. It would make no sense to create a blogging schedule that you know you can’t complete.

Writing a plan is as easy as setting out what days and what times you are going to post. Whether it’s weekly or monthly. You don’t even need to write the plan down, I remember mine from my head! But, writing it down in the beginning so that you can visualise and get used to it will help alot.

Once you are more established as a blogger and you begin to understand your audience and analyse your insights, it will help you to have a clearer view on what days and times get the best traffic to your site. These types of insights are something that you should keep an eye on. There will always be dates and times that suit your readers. Utilise schedule tools!


You should always incorporate down time into any blogging schedule you create. I posted 5-7 times a week, but I did that because I enjoyed it. As soon as I felt like it was becoming a burden or chore, is when I changed my schedule. Of course if you’re up for it, post more often but remember to include days off too.

Days off are just as important as days you write or post your content. It allows you to refresh your mind and really helps to keep writers block at bay. Alot of writers forget to do this, and really over work themselves. But taking time off is 100% okay. If this was a normal office 9-5 job then you wouldn’t even question taking time off!


As you grow as a writer and as your blog grows, you need to remember to refresh your blogging schedule often. The schedule that works for you at the beginning won’t be the same schedule you’ll stick to for your whole blogging career. I have changed my blogging schedule so many times I have lost count. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making changes to suit you as you grow as a writer.

Change is good, it means you’re growing. So change your schedule as many times as you need to. Just make sure you remain consistent in whatever schedule you have. Stick to it and hold yourself accountable.

Do you follow a blogging schedule? If you don’t, consider creating one and see how it changes your blog!

Thanks again to Saumya for giving me this opportunity to write for your blog. Click here to check out the post that Saumya wrote for me!

Olivia x

18 thoughts on “3 Brilliant Ways To Stick To A Blogging Schedule

    1. Yes that’s right!
      Physically I’m good, but mentally I’ve been so stressed about studies which is normal 😅 It’s been hard to keep up both blogging and studies but I’ll figure it out I guess!!
      How are you? How’s everything else?

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      1. I understand, it’s the life of us students 😅 all the best, I’m sure you’ll manage both very well.
        I’m fine, just feeling stressed because of school and stuff but I’m planning to come back into blogging, I miss everything here a lot.

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