Lover by Taylor Swift (Album Review)

I know, I know. Isn’t Lover too old to review?

Yes it is, but till date it stand to be the most amazing and my most favourite Taylor Swift Album. 23rd August, today’s date and we celebrate two years of Lover.

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Lover was Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album which was released on 23rd August 2019. The trilogy being: Reputation – Lover – Folklore. Why is this album so important for Taylor’s career? Well because this was the first album that was recorded, written, produced and directed by Taylor Swift and was the first album after she parted ways with Big Machine Labels. You probably want to research about the feud between Taylor and Scooter Braun if you don’t know.

Album Cover

Lover is recognised as a pop-synth, electric-pop album. It is a very colourful, happy going album. In total, Lover has 18 songs from which 4 of the songs were released as singles. They were, in order: ME! (feat. Brendon Urie), You Need To Calm Down, Lover (title track) and The Man.

The Tracklist:

The genre of the album is mainly Pop with a touch of pop-synth, electric-pop and pop-rock. The album has collaborations with two artists that is Brendon Urie and The Chicks and also Shawn Mendes on a bonus track: Lover (Remix). Lover’s songs has hit Billboard No. 2 both on Hot 100 and the album topped the chart on #1 Billboard 200. Altogether, Lover received 3 Grammy Nominations.

Listen to Lover on Spotify and YouTube:

1) I Forgot That You Existed

The first impression to this song was not very good. It’s a very different song and I started to like it afterwards. It could never enter my favourites playlist but I like listening to it sometimes as it has a good message about moving on and Taylor’s voice is just so smooth.

2) Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer is such a nice song! I love the high and low key arrangements and the small ad-libs and the robotic music in the background. It’s probably one of those songs which made me fall in love with Taylor Swift. I wish this song had a music video.

Devil roll the dice,

Angels roll their eyes,

If I bleed, you’ll be the last to know (oh)

Cruel Summer (Taylor Swift) (From Lover)

3) Lover

The same thing which I said before, I actually hated this song when I heard it first. I didn’t like the way she said ‘Lover’ after ‘You’re my, my, my’ in such a different voice. But I really liked the Shawn Mendes remix. You should definitely hear that one.

4) The Man

Do you know how much I love female empowerment songs? This song literally is so good. And the music video, Taylor is so hardworking and so dedicated that she actually became a man to shoot this video and you couldn’t recognise it was her. This is an awesome song.

I’m so sick of running as fast I can

Wondering if I’d get there quicker,

If I was man

I’m so sick of them coming at me again

Cause if I was man,

Then I’d be the ma-an.

The Man (Taylor Swift) (From Lover)

5) The Archer

This song has nice slow beats and I like the slow and smooth drumbeats that go around the background. Also Taylor’s voice in this song looks really soothing.

6) I Think He Knows

7) Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince

8) Paper Rings

I love this song! Especially when you hear it in a Taylor Swift Album. The last two albums, 1989 and Reputation are mainly about revenge and dark songs but this song particularly is so cheerful! I even love the music and beats! A great song to sing to your crush!

I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings,

Uh huh, that’s right, darling!!

You’re the one I want!

I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this,

Uh huh, that’s right, darling!!

You’re the one I want!

Paper Rings (Taylor Swift) (Lover)

9) Cornelia  Street

10) Death By A Thousand Cuts

This song has good lyrics and overall message and also the low vocals. Most of the lover songs are similar to this beat but I love them!

11) London Boy

This is also a very cute song. I really like the line when she says ‘he likes my American smile’ and then ‘I an in love with a London Boy’. The fact that Taylor is known as Miss Americana makes this song so amazing!

12) Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. The Chicks)

The song, as I said before, might sound you similar to other songs in context to backdrop music and beats but it’s the lyrics you need to focus on. I didn’t know who The Chicks are and I didn’t research on them but the song is kind of nice.

I know delusion when I see it in the mirror
You like the nicer nurses, you make the best of a bad deal
I just pretend it isn’t real
I’ll paint the kitchen neon, I’ll brighten up the sky
I know I’ll never get it, there’s not a day that I won’t try
And I’ll say to you

Soon You’ll Get Better (Taylor Swift) (Lover)

13) False God

14) You Need To Calm Down

Do I even need to write about this song? It has so great lyrics and I love that kind of rap part. “Cause I ain’t trying to mess with your self expression but I’ve learnt a lesson that stressing and obsessing about somebody else is no fun”. It has such a different message about accepting all genders and has such a colourful music video!! I love this song so much!!

15) Afterglow

Ed Sheeran has a song with a same name but they both are way, way different! It is a soothing song again and has background beats and some slightly low vocals. I don’t like this song much but it’s good to listen to once or twice.

16) ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco)

This is the best song from the album! So fun and frolic, so colourful, so happy and so so nice! The verse of the song where they say “Hey kids, spelling is fun” is so amazing! K-pop band, TWICE’s member Tzuyu did a cover of this song along with Stray Kids’ BangChan and I loved that! You’re missing out a lot if you haven’t heard ME!

Girl there ain’t an I in Team,

But you know there is a ME!

And you can’t spell Awesome without Me!

I promise that you’ll never find another like Me-eh- eh!

17) It’s Nice To Have A Friend

I hated this song so much the first time I heard it. It’s because when you hear the song for the first time, you only concentrate on the music, vocals and beats. When I heard this song along with the lyrics, I was like OMG!! What on earth??!

Light pink sky up on the roof
Sun sinks down, no curfew
Twenty questions, we tell the truth
You’ve been stressed out lately? Yeah, me too
Something gave you the nerve
To touch my hand

It’s Nice To Have A Friend (Taylor Swift) (Lover)

18) Daylight

This song gives you positive vibes and also a hope of cheer! As the name suggests, this song is mostly about bright daylight and happy sunshine. You should definitely listen to it if you want inspiration!

You gotta step into the daylight and let it go!

Daylight (Taylor Swift) (Lover)

I give Lover 8.5/10

Favourite Song: Cruel Summer/Lover

Favourite Lyrics: You Need To Calm Down, Paper Rings

Those were my thoughts about Lover by Taylor Swift. Have you heard it? What do you think about this?

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27 thoughts on “Lover by Taylor Swift (Album Review)

  1. Since we have a Swiftie here (yea…I am talking about myself lol) I am honestly in love with Lover.It’s one of Taylor’s most amazing albums.I honestly Love Miss Americana and The heartbreak prince and London Boy. I also like Death by a thousand cuts and Cruel Summer.I liked You need to calm down and Me! When it came out but honestly I’ve grooved to these songs so much that they are not on my top songs list.However if someone plays these songs even today I’ll dance to them as much as I did when they were released.
    This was Taylor’s first independent album so Congratulations to her and all the Swifties on the completion of 2 yrs of Lover. 😀
    And Great review Saumya!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m in live with this post!! 😍
    Happy 2 year anniversary to lover!!
    And same, my initial impressions of some of the songs like lover, you need to calm down, paper rings and it’s nice to have a friend, weren’t so good. But ofc I love them all now 😍. This album was so good, it has such a happy vibe to it. And cruel summer lyrics are awesome!!!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦God!!! You remember when I said I would post a TS thing? This was the EXACT SAME THING I HAD IN MY MIND🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 it’s in my drafts too. Why Lover is my favourite TS album! Damn🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 but I loved this post, obviously!!! I think, I’m gonna change the album now, since I haven’t even started writing it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes I remember that 😂 even I did this post today morning. So busy with school work and stuff. You can still post it though! You are writing why it’s your favourite album, this was a review! But still, if you’re gonna change the album, please do Red or Fearless! I love all of them though, but they are special, idk why😶 thanks so much 🥰


  4. Ahhhhhhhhh Lover! It’s such a wonderful album! In my opinion, The Man is underappreciated, it deserves so much more. There is something about track 5s on TS’s albums, The Archer is simply fabulous. And do I have to talk about cruel summer, the bridge is everything! Great review Saumya!
    Do you listen to Ariana Grande? Would you write a review on one of her albums too? I wanna read your take on it! No compulsion, of course.
    Once again, loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, The Man is quite underrated 🤷
      I listen to Ariana Grande, yes, I do! I’d try doing a review of her album if I like any! I like some of her songs but I never went on to listen to all the songs of an Ariana Grande album. Any suggestions? Should I do Sweetener/thank u, next/Dangerous Woman/postitions/My Everything??

      Liked by 1 person

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