Hey there! Thanks for visiting Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. I just thought of giving a short introduction about the girl behind this blog. My name is Saumya. I’m a teenager and a student living in India. Blogging caught my interest when my family and friends appreciated my write ups, poems and artworks. I hope you like it! Thanks for visiting my site!

Some Fun Facts About Me!

  • I’m a Pure-Blood Potterhead. That means I’ve read and watched all Harry Potter movies and books.⚡
  • I’m a Pottermore certified GryffinClaw. (I was sorted into Gryffindor the first time I took the test, and in Ravenclaw during the second one.)
  • My patronus is a Dolphin 🐬
  • I love listening to music.
  • I’m a BTS ARMY. I love the members, not that I want to marry them, but love them in the sense that they’ve taught me so much and I can never thank them enough. I love their vocal and dancing skills. 💜
  • I love myself and truly believe in magic.
  • I’m an overthinker.
  • Apart from what I do in my blog, which is mentioned below, I play piano and I like to dance.

About My Blog

  • Usually I express my feeling through my write-ups and poems in my blog. I write about things I’ve gone through, my life experiences, things I have learned, things I love, things that have been influencing me lately, people I like etc. I also write about the fandoms I follow. Mostly, Harry Potter and BTS.
  • I have a lot of interest in art. I try and challenge myself to draw more and more kinds of art. Such as Indian, Traditional, Western, tried a few Pop Art, French Art, Abstract Art etc. View some of my artworks, here in my Gallery.
  • As the title of my blog says, Draw-Write-Inspire, I also strive to inspire and motivate people that it’s okay to sometimes have the ,”I’m not okay” thought. One day, everything will be back to fine. I’ve written a few poems on that topic.
  • I also post fun and frolic things I do, such as my playlists, (as I said I love music), how my day was like, my childhood memories, my dreams etc.