Thanks for visiting Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. Welcome to the Lifestyle Page. Here you will things related to my life or any other normal girl’s life. My likes, my reviews, my dislikes and much more stuff about me. My blog is mainly about lifestyle only so you have landed on the right place. You will find also find about the lessons I have learned, my fears, my inspirations and many more things. I like sharing about my life with my readers but not very personal things are shared her. Honestly, I really like reading lifestyle blogs. Why? Because it’s just so light and there is nothing much difficult to understand about it. People are just sharing their thoughts about a particular thing and it sometimes so changes our perception. I hope you enjoy reading about me as much as I do writing about me and still do.

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Interviews & Collaborations

Thanks for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. I love reaching out different bloggers of different taste, platform and interests and talk about it. I love interviewing people and I have interviewed a lot of bloggers and even some of my friends at school. About collaborating, I really like to interact with other bloggers as it’s the best way to grow your blog and also because it’s so much fun. I like how bloggers give me ideas of doing posts and then we do it together. I have done collaborative album reviews, doodles, playlist exchange, fun challenges such as Never Have I Ever, This And That etc. I also have got interviewed from many bloggers and it’s a great feeling when bloggers ask questions about something you love. I hope you enjoy reading the Collaborations and Interview Posts. If you want to collaborate with me, send me a guest post or get interviewed by me, fill out my contact page here.

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Music & Books

Thanks for visiting Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. Welcome to the Music and Books Page which is also one of my favourite pages. Music is a very important part of my life. I am a huge and massive music lover. If I tell you honestly, I wouldn’t last a day without listening to any songs. I like to listen to so many kind of genres such as Pop, K-pop, Spanish-Latin, Bollywood, Country, R&B, Disco and more. The artists I listen to are endless. I like to listen to BTS, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, IU, BLACKPINK, Hannah Montana and trust me, I can name more and more of my favourite artists. Music has always been one of those things who has helped me cope up with every problem and situation. It is like some songs are written with keeping me in their mind because the lyrics are so relatable. On my blog, I share my playlists, review albums, and I also sometimes share list of songs about a particular theme or maybe just the current songs on my favourite list. You can always comment down a song you like with the artist name if you want me to hear it. My sole purpose of sharing my favourite music with you guys is just to find and meet more people with similar music taste and also to find new songsAbout books, according to me getting lost in a book is the best feeling ever! I share my reviews on books, characters, and also sometimes a particular thing or object from the book I found interesting. Mostly I like to read fantasy and fiction but I have been reading murder mysteries and they are also so cool! You will find a lot of Harry Potter related stuff in this page because I am a huge fan. I also read other books from authors such as Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Cindy Callaghan etc. I am not a total book blogger but I try to post as much about the things I read! Hope you like reading the Music and Books posts.

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Thanks a lot for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. Welcome to the Poetry Page! Poetry is my favourite thing to do on this blog. I love writing poetry and songs. Poetry is the best way I can express my feelings into. Another reason I like to write poems is to reach more people like me. I’m sure there are many people who like to listen to relatable songs so I try to write poems to which people can relate. I like reading poetry from other bloggers and writers and I see all of us have different ways and styles of both writing poetry and expressing their feelings. Nobody can understand how others feel until they feel it themselves. So that is the reason I like to write poems and songs. To connect with people who have gone through similar situations and to make them realise they are not the only ones suffering and everyone has bad times. Hope you enjoy reading my poems and songs.

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Thanks for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. I’m very sure almost all the teenagers out there or maybe anybody else love reading quotes. I am also obsessed with quotes. It feels like you’re not the only one who is having a tough time when you read them. I like to both read and write quotations. When I’m free, I spend a lot of my time reading reality and mood quotes on Pinterest. I like to write and share quotes because I think if I relate to quotes someone else has written, then I’m very sure there are many people like me and that ‘someone’ who will relate to my quotes. And if someone feels better after reading something I have written, I will be both honoured and happy. I share some quotes that I like and some quotes which I have written every week on Thursday as the Quote Of The Week. I think I should spread positivity with the world and motivate them through those quotes. I hope you like reading all those inspiring quotes.

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Seven Word Stories

Thanks a lot for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. Seven Word Stories are stories made out of seven words but give a deeper meaning. It is then the reader who assumes what must have happened before and what is going to happen in the future. I had seen many bloggers and other writers doing Six Word Stories and I used to try them just for fun. Then after some time I just thought posting them on my blog would be a nice idea but I gave it a twist and starred Seven Word Stories instead of Six Word Stories. I fell in love with them and I have like a 100 hundred of these either as drafts on WordPress, my notes, or I randomly write it in my diary whenever a new one comes into my mind. I like writing seven word stories as they turn out really interesting. I publish a new Seven Word Story every Saturday. I love reading the seven word comments the readers leave by which continue the story. Hope you enjoy reading my seven word stories.

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Thanks a lot for stopping by Draw-Write-Inspire and I hope you have been enjoying till now. Welcome to the Write-Ups Page where you will find album reviews, stories, essays, book reviews, guest posts, articles and more types of write-ups. Mostly I write about teen life, mental health, Harry Potter, music and other things I like. I guess writing paragraphs is the best way to write on unique and special topics as there is no specific way and you can write according to what you want. One more thing that I like about writing in paragraphs is that you separate different parts, that way, I believe, is easier for the one who is writing and for the one who is reading. Hope you like reading my Write-Ups.

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