Cheer And Fear (Short Story)

A 15 year old boy was going on a deserted road feeling a little scared and uneasy. It was night and the stars twinkled bright in the sky. There was a big moon and wolves could be heard howling. Hesitantly, the boy stepped ahead. Suddenly, he saw a shadow in front of him. He turned around to see if somebody was behind him. There was … Continue reading Cheer And Fear (Short Story)

Let’s Talk About Superpowers And Magic!

Hey there! You guys might know I believe there is magic and supernatural power. I am sure all those who read fictional books also believe in that. Well maybe not because the writer of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling herself doesn’t believe I’m magic. Can you believe it? The creator of such a big magical world doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff herself. If I talk … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Superpowers And Magic!