The Sapphire: A Book Written By Me

Hey there! I’m really thankful to you for visiting my site and especially for visiting this page. I have always wanted to be a writer or a full time blogger. I have been writing stories, poems, and all kinds of stuff from a very long time. Thanks to technology, I can easily share it with the world.

The Sapphire, is a fantasy story book that I am writing. It has not been completed yet and is currently on hold. You can find the Prologue below!

A Trailer To The Sapphire


Being a girl I have always fancied rings. It's weird I was not much interested in heavy jewellery or makeup but rings were something that always caught my attention. I also had variations about what kind of rings I liked. They shouldn't be much big or sparkling. Just one shining stone because I was a fan of tiny and perfect things. I was twelve when I begged my mother to buy me a ring and she agreed because I had won a medal in an Olympiad. When the idea of this story came in my mind, I just possessed one ring that was made of pure silver and it was my favourite. Magical powers and supernatural things have always fascinated me and that is what inspired me to start writing this story. I really thank the efforts of my two besties, Naina and Ishita who helped me a lot to build upon the story. They used to give me small ideas which I converted into big and lengthy plots. I'd also like to thank my English Teacher who helped me with some vocabulary. The magical sapphire ring has been a very important part of my life. It may be fictional but the thought of ending the story one day and letting it go was kind of difficult. Here, I leave you with your thoughts. I really don't think if I have given you a lot of spoilers about the story but if you are a fan of fantasy and magic just like me, you'll love it for sure. 

Thanks for reading. More chapters coming very soon!

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