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Hey there!

So it’s finally time and I finally answer your questions on the latest Ask Me Anything. Thank you so much for leaving the questions!! In case you missed out this post, I will surely conduct more Ask Me Anything posts for you all! Even though I try and do all Award Nominations and answer the questions, I’d love to answer yours as well!!

1) What is one thing you can never lie about?

I haven’t really thought about it. But I think I will never lie about where I’m from (India), who my parents are and which culture I belong to. Yes, there are a lot of things I dislike being an Indian but at the same time I love the Indian cultures and customs especially during weddings. I absolutely love my parents and they support me all the time.

2) Are you a dog or cat person?

Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t like animals (no offense to animal lovers). But yes, I would choose cats over dogs because at least they don’t bark. I’m currently obsessed with Taylor Swift and I also like using the cat emojis, so that’s why- Cats 🐱

3) When and why did you start blogging?

I started to blog in January 2021 when I was thirteen (about to be 14 though). I started to blog because I loved to write and draw. That’s where my blog name comes from! And also the idea came from a real life friend of mine who was also a blogger.

4) If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be and why?

Probably Han Seo-Jun from True Beauty Webtoon (not the drama)!! And Hermione from Harry Potter. Han Seo-Jun because he’s like too good. I mean I’m seriously in love with him. He’s so handsome, caring and such a sweet person. Hermione as we all know, she’s courageous, intelligent and has a very good character.

5) What’s your favorite subject at school?

English! And probably Geography as well. English because well, it’s the easiest subject even though now it’s become harder than previous grades but still a lot easier that other subjects. Geography because I like reading about plateaus and plains. Indian geography is so good. It has so varied forms of physical features and mountains! The Himalayas are so beautiful!! And I always keep my Atlas handy. Whenever I learn about a new place I always try to locate it. The last place I located was Nashville that’s the capital of Tennessee in United States. The home of country music.

6) Chocolate or Vanilla

Oh my god! That’s so hard. But I’m gonna go for chocolate because I love chocolate if that makes sense 😅

7) What is your favourite activity other than blogging?

My blog includes both writing and artworks so apart from that my favourite thing to do in the world is to listen to music. When I sometimes look back to my past self, I feel so many things in my life have changed due to music. My interests, my perspective over things, I get inspired by music artists, my bond with others, respecting opinions, knowing how it feels to be a fangirl, accepting criticism and so much more!!

8) What motivated you to start blogging?

I would say my two best friends and my sister. These are the people who support me the most with my blog and who motivated me the most. They were the ones who used to read my write-ups, comment on my artworks and the ones who shared my blog link to everyone. Honestly, I don’t usually feel down if my stats are low sometimes but even without knowing they tell me to work harder! Also, another motivation was consuming time. I was bored of being idle. Now that I come to it, I hardly have may time left for doing very productive things. But I’m still happy I use my time in a good way.

9) If you could time travel, where would you go?

I would love to go to 2000s. And the reason is the fandoms I follow. I could’ve watched all Harry Potter films in the theatre, watch Taylor Swift winning Grammys for Fearless and last but not the least, streamed No More Dream the day it came out!!

10) When was the last time you were jealous and why?

So I’ve been obsessed with Taylor Swift for a while. And I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of her and doing research about her. I saw that she used to fan meeting for free, yes absolutely free before the pandemic came in. I saw a lot of pictures of people hugging Taylor. If you’ve see Love Story (Taylor’s Version) (Lyric Video) then you might have seen those pictures. Like seriously, you’re the luckiest guys.

11) What are the top three ways you deal with stress?

I think I’ve answered this question before in an award post before. So I’m just gonna take it from there! Listen to your favourite music. Talk to your best friends. Do what you enjoy and give up studying for a while and relax. Have a proper sleep. Don’t overthink and ‘do not read quotes on internet’.

12) Do you believe in ghosts?

Not really. Though I’m scared of watching horror movies but I don’t think ghost exists. I mean I wish they don’t 🤐

13) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Interesting question. If I could change my name, I’d definitely would want to keep a name that has an obvious spelling. I hate it when people spell my name as Sumaya, Somya, Soumya or any possible incorrect spelling of Saumya. Probably something like, Priyanka? Would that suit me?

14) How long does it take you to complete a blogpost, from draft to publish stage?

Honestly, it depends on the post. If it’s an award post or album reviews or any post which requires links, I am a procrastinator. But if it’s a post like Blogging Tips, Discussion Post, any kind fo write-up, then I usually end it up in a day or half. Then I make the graphic, add tags and make it fully ready to publish! I finish these kinds of post pretty fast because the topic is fresh in my mind and I have a lot to express. I also take a lot of time to write stories. I’m currently working on limiting stories to word limits, and it’s so hard. I also don’t require much time to write poems and songs until and unless it’s very personal or deep. The longest that I worked on a post was Zodiac Music Tag. I was new at blogging that time and didn’t have an idea how hard embedding can be if you only have a mobile phone.

15) What is your favourite disney movie?

My favourite animated Disney movie is Frozen and favourite Live Action movie is Aladdin. The best part of Disney movies is the soundtrack and I absolutely love the soundtrack of both of these films and the storyline! I love Naomi Scott’s expressions and I love the fun and frolic Olaf! ☃️

16) What would be your perfect day?

Oh boy! This is gonna be a long answer. My perfect day would be a day when everything will be back to normal and nothing like Coronavirus would exist. Then in the afternoon I’ll wake up in London and I have taken a holiday from University of London to watch the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play. I get back home and have a pizza. Leave me home at 4 and I am going to attend a BTS concert where they perform their English singles. At 7 pm, I take a taxi and I have to reach the place where Taylor Swift organized her fan meet. I come back home with pictures hugging Taylor, picture at the Cursed Child sets, and a picture of BTS dancing. My friends are waiting for me in a restaurant and wek have our favourite foods together.

17) What’s been your favourite part about starting your blog?

I would say the WordPress community. It’s so underrated. Now I’m not incuding the ones who drop hate comments. I can still include the ones who drop ‘follow my blog’ comments because most of them are beginners and don’t really know. I’m talking about the great bloggers over here who brighten my day by leaving so sweet comments and suggestions! You guys supported me so much throughout these 6 months 😭 I couldn’t have done it without you.

18) Have you ever spelt your name wrong?

Are you kidding? I feel like I could sue the person who spells my name wrong. I haven’t done that. Ever.

19) Have you found a best friend or best friends, on the blogosphere?

A best friend is someone who knows and understands you and you share everything with them. Blogging is an online platform. Neither me nor anyone else show everything about them. Everyone behaves differently online and in real life. And you can’t talk about personal life on emails. I’ve got a lot of freinds, some a bit better friends than others, some of them are new, but not a best friend. And I don’t even plan of calling somone my best friend in the blogosphere.

20) Do you have a brother/sister?

Yup. I have an elder sister who can be seriously annoying and seriously helpful.

21) Favourite Colour?

Orange and Purple.

22) Age?

I’m gonna be 14 very soon…

23) Favourite book?

Harry Potter, always.

24) What are your top 3 favorite movies?

I might listen to a lot of international music but I usually watch Hindi/Bollywood movies. So I’ll be listing them. My favourite movies are: Chennai Express, Ra-One and probably 3 Idiots as well.

25) Your favourite blogs?

It’s an endless list but I’ll menion the top 5 in no particular order. Poorwa’s Blog, Happy Panda, My Random Ramblings, Lifesfinewhine, Small Talks.

26) Top 3 Taylor Swift songs?

Currently it is: You Need To Calm Down, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Cruel Summer.

27) What color is your hair and eyes?

My eyes are dark brown. My hair are a bit weird actually. They are naturally a mixture of dark brown, light brown, red, some golden and black. If you look at my hair, they’ll look like dark brown but if you see them closely, you’ll the different colours.

28) Are your bedroom walls painted?

Yes they are!!

29) What colour is your toothbrush?

It’s pink and black.

30) What is your favourite cereal?

I don’t really eat a lot of cereals. But I like the chocolate flavour the best!!

31) Are you a rebellious teen or a parent fearing one?

Oh I’m definitely a parent fearing one. My best friend didn’t tell me a very big secret for almost an year thinking I would tell my parents because she knows I fear them.

32) If you could spend the day with one celebrity who would you spend it with?

I’ve just got two words to say. TAYLOR. SWIFT.

33) What will you choose between peace and freedom?

I’d choose peace. There’s no point of being free if you don’t live in peace. You can still live in someone else’s rule if they don’t dominate you and you live peacefully.

34) What is your dream travel destination?

I have 5, in a particular order: London, Seoul, Nashville, Beverly Hills, New York.

35) When you created your blog what were some of your goals and did you accomplish them yet?

I didn’t make any goals as such. As I have said in my earlier posts, I made my blog without any research or second though. I made it for enjoyment, made it so that I can be happy and I have achieved that!!

36) How did you become a Pinterest influencer?

Everyone sees it differently. I read on a website that once you cross some ammount of views you can take pleasure and call yourself a Pinterest influencer. I crosses 500K+ views so I think that’s why to some extent I can be called a Pinterest influencer but honestly, there are people with much more following and views than mine so I’d rather not!! I post a lot of art related stuff which I don’t always post on my blog and artworks reach a lot of views on Pinterest.

37) Selena Gomez or Olivia Rodrigo?

Selena Gomez. Always. There are quite a few things that I don’t like about Olivia Rodrigo so that is why. I like some of her songs but I don’t like her as a person. I don’t usually judge singers and bands according to their personal life but she brought everything of it to public notice and it was no more personal. And Selena Gomez, well I absolutely love her music!!

38) Who is your favourite in BTS?

Oh my god. That’s so hard. It changes every week. Currently my favourite is Jungkook

I would like to thank Maya, Moksha, Shweta, Poorwa, Nehal, Lebogang, Flora, Maith, Poorvi, Ib, Shivi, Zainab, Pannaga, Chloe, Akshita, and everyone else who participated in Ask Me Anything [400 Followers Special Post]

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30 thoughts on “Q/A With Draw-Write-Inspire

  1. Loved reading this post and getting to know you more!! I COMPLETELY agree with what you said about people misspelling my name, it happens a lot and I dislike it!
    Taylor Swift is such a role model, what is your favorite album of hers?
    Have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesome post! Also, about the Olivia Rodrigo thing I love her music but I too do not like her as a person…. Idk I find her to be like a typical bitchy girl, you know? Someone who thinks the world revolves around them?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know right!! I mean it’s my personal opinion but I think she copies Taylor Swift to some extent. And she is always just writing songs about her relationship. Like c’mon girl, move on!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know right! She doesn’t have her own style! But I do still like some of her music….
        And besides, like when TS smiles and stuff you know it’s genuine, when she smiles it oozes out fakeness and ngl scares me sometimes! Like idk I find her the villain, not the victim in most cases.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ya me too! When I saw her prom make-up and everything it gave so much vibes like bad blood and rep era. About the smile, I saw her interview and she had like so unrealistic expressions.
        Me too! At some point I feel she just includes and tries to be this kind of person to gain attention somehow and she even gets it.
        I just like the 3 main songs that our driver’s license, deja vu and good 4 u.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know right! And like there’s something about her eyes that she never feels completely genuine!
        Yeah, true!
        And in addition to those I like brutal and jealousy, jealousy too!


  3. Thansk for answering the questions, Saumya! And yes, omg Frozen! I have been obsessed with it since as long as I can remember! And aah, you’re a swiftie (idk why i didnt know that before, hehe). Awesome post, dude!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh wow! Nice answers!
    India is a great country why would anyone lie about it!?! I love Taylor’s songs like you and I think music can really help deal with stress(both singing and listening helps me)! Many other point are their which make us so similar!! Awesome post’s idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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