Let’s Talk About Superpowers And Magic!

Hey there!

You guys might know I believe there is magic and supernatural power. I am sure all those who read fictional books also believe in that. Well maybe not because the writer of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling herself doesn’t believe I’m magic. Can you believe it? The creator of such a big magical world doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff herself.

If I talk about me, I would love to have superpowers. But if you ask me about one thing that I really want to have is – a power to eat everything and not get fat and to teleport. Those two things, even though I believe in magic, I know that could never happen but still these two would have made my life so much easier and happier. I am a healthy person. I used to be a bit more healthy before lockdown and all and I used to get that bullies all the time calling me names (not that I care). But I just did a lot of work in my house, aged a lot of badminton, did cycling so now I am kind of fine. I won’t call myself skinny but I am better than I was before. So that is why I want a power to not get fat even though I eat any damn thing on this earth. About teleporting, just think about it, going to any place, any time, without any money and I’ll save so much time. I live in India and I wanted to purchase a plan to monetize my site. I just found out that the Payments feature isn’t available in India. I wish I could just teleport to some other country where the option is available and make my wish true to monetize my site.

But I often think that even though we can’t see that kind of magic, the magic with wands, spells, potions, curses, witches, wizarda and all. Aren’t there so many other things that make you feel magical?

I mean look around you, everything around has a purpose. You wanted to paste something, there is glue. You want to buy something, you have money. You want to walk, you’ve got legs. You can do everything. I fell magical while getting lost in a book or maybe when I am with my friends and hanging out. I also feel I have all the powers in the world when I pass a test of life, any sad situation that had been making me feel down. I feel magical when I hug my mom and dad or when others are happy because of me. I just give a thought to this sometimes and automatically a smile comes on face and that is also a time when I feel I am surrounded my magical and superpowers.

That was what I honestly feel about magic. What are your thoughts? Do you think magic exists? What superpower would you want to have? Drop down a comment and let me know!

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24 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Superpowers And Magic!

  1. Nice post! For me, everything is happening because of some magic! I mean, we take out voice from our mouth, and the other person knows what we’re saying! We, well.. we live! That is like magic! Phones, TV, And many more are just like magic!! It’s just that we are too much used to all of these that we don’t always feel it as a magic! Science explains Magic, and magic explains science like in the epics! Many time it’s not possible but our scientists are working for that!
    Woah that’s big! Great post!

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  2. I even don’t think that any magic exists..but ya.. I’d like to get the teleportation power and the power to read a book..and remember everything of it for the whole lifetime..

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